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About Our Name

New Trumpet Ministries was born from a year-long thesis project exploring the sound of the trumpet in scriptures. It was the sound of the trumpet that brought the twelve tribes of Jacob-Israel from a disparate slave mentality into cohesion as a nation after the exodus from Egypt.

Moses was directed by God to teach the people to respond appropriately to five different trumpet calls:

The call to assemble
to hear the word of the Lord as given to Moses
The call for the elders to gather
to get more detailed instructions on the word of the Lord as given to Moses that they were to then give to their respective tribesmen
The call to worship
to come together as one and praise the God of Israel who had delivered them
The call to war
sounded when an enemy approached any side of the camp-every able-bodied man grabbed weapons and ran to the battle
The call to pack up and follow the cloud of God
(for it was moving on!)
Through these original five trumpet sounds, God formed a nation for Himself, a nation that was to be the model for all nations to follow.

The sounds of the trumpet were a type and shadow of the Holy Spirit and His work through the body of Christ. As the sounds of the trumpet in ancient Israel transformed a slave people into a mighty conquering nation, so the sounds of the trumpet today are transforming a weak and defeated body of believers into the mighty army of the Lord who will defeat Satan and his demonic hordes at every level of life. The Holy Spirit today speaks to His church through the five-fold ministry of the apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists. They are the modern day sounds trumpeting the truth God gives them throughout the whole body of Christ worldwide. It is amazing to behold how the body of Christ is everywhere receiving similar revelation as these ministers of the gospel enflame believers with long forgotten truths and bring them into maturity in Christ, readying them to receive the inheritance of sonship (Ephesians 4:11-15).

The inspiration behind New Trumpet Ministries is the hope and expectation of seeing Christians worldwide embracing the truths of the gospel that unite us in love for one another and give us victory over all the forces of hell. To that end this ministry will produce songs that embrace and expound the truths burning through the body of Christ. A long-range plan is to produce an epic work for children entitled: "The Bible in Song for Children," which will include the major themes, principles, heroes, and heroines of the Bible, with particular attention to the foreshadowing of the coming of the promised seed, which was Christ, and His atoning work on the cross. Along with the songs will be a simple text introducing each song and connecting it with the previous one, so that the children will be brought from chapter to chapter book to book with a sense of the big picture and how the stories fit together. That project is now in process.

Longer range plans include a newsletter/magazine which will introduce various ministries at large in the body of Christ with one another with a brief synopsis of the particular truth/strength they are bringing to the body of Christ, the sound they have been given by the Holy Spirit to trumpet through the Church at large; it will also include a synopsis of Christian-run businesses that can be joined to support us or can be supported with our business. Also planned are unique Christian greeting cards that can be downloaded from your computer, production of the book "The Sound of the Trumpet," the writing of which gave birth to this ministry, other booklets, sheet music for all the songs we produce (and in different keys), and a plan to remunerate any Christian who would like to participate in our distribution. Our plan is to be so cost-effective that we can spread the Good News at a fraction of the normal costs and pass those savings onto you and still survive as a ministry. Much of this will be accomplished by way of direct computer access to most of our products. "We hold these treasures..." only as vessels of distribution to His glory! Amen and Amen!

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